We are pleased to announce that the following submissions have been selected as winners in the Video Competition IJCAI 2018:

  • Best Video

    TuringBox: Democratizing the Study of AI

    by Ziv Epstein, Blakeley H. Payne, Nick Obradovich, Manuel Cebrian, Iyad Rahwan

    See it here!

  • Most Entertaining Video

    Explainable and Persuasive AI for Successful TKR Rehabilitation

    by Cyril Leung, Yi Dong, Yang Qiu, Xuejiao Zhao, Huiguo Zhang, Di Wang, Simon Fauvel, Eng Chuan Neoh, Kun Man Li, Hao Zhang, Bo Huang, Daniel Ng, Benny Tan, Chunyan Miao, Xu Guo, Zhiqi Shen

    See it here!

  • Most Educational Video

    Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare: Separating Fact from Fiction

    by Becks Simpson, Ray Kwong

    See it here!

  • Most societally beneficial video

    Persuasive AI Companions for Active Independent Ageing

    by Chunyan Miao, Zhiwei Zeng, Xinjia Yu, Hao Zhang, Han Yu, Qiong Wu, Ah Hwee Tan, Di Wang, Benny Tan, Daniel Ng, Cyril Leung, Qiang Yang, Zhiqi Shen

    See it here!