IJCAI-18 Competitions

Alimama International Advertising Algorithm Competition

Winners are announced here: http://tb.cn/8798FUw
More details can be found here

World Computer Chess Championships 2018

Please find attached the tournament schedule for this year’s ICGA Chess events in Stockholm, which are taking place from July 13th-19th, during the IJCAI-ECAI 2018 conference.

See all information and tournament schedule

Video Competition IJCAI 2018

We are pleased to present the call for videos to the upcoming IJCAI 2018 Video Competition. In the spirit of earlier AI Video Competitions, our intention is to provide researchers with a showcase for demonstrating how exciting and interesting Artificial Intelligence can be, as well as offering to the public and the media accurate information crafted first-hand by researchers. The results of the competitionwill be presented at the IJCAI 2018 conference (July 13-19, 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden), where the best videos will be announced. All videos will also be made available online.

See further information on http://slavkovik.com/IJCAI-Video-18.html

Angry Birds AI Competition AIBIRDS 2018

For more information see aibirds.org.