IJCAI 2018 Industry Days

Wednesday July 18th 8.45 to Thursday July 19th 17.00. Stockholmsmässan, Room A4

The IJCAI 2018 Industry Days is a unique networking event where entrepreneurs and scientists can discuss the future of AI and its impact on industry and society. This event is going to be held on July 18 and 19, 2018. Previously a one-day event, this year it is extended to two days due to the success in previous years and the increased interest from companies to present their work.

Companies known in the area of AI technologies will give talks about their use, advancement and strategies with regard to AI. The presentation by these well known and important companies cover a diverse range of topics. There will be plenty of opportunities to speak with the presenters and share thoughts and experiences with other attendees in the breaks between the talks.

IJCAI 2018 Industry Days will also host two panel sessions involving researchers, data scientists, and business executives in discussion with each other and the audience. On the first day, the panel is on AI in healthcare, as this is an important application area. On the second day, we focus on Autonomous driving, as one of the today’s exemplary and successful applications of AI.

The Industry Days event will connect the advancement in AI in research labs to the research in the real world, will discuss the challenges, success stories and impact of today’s technology and will provide insights into the future society.

Anders Holst, RISE SICS, Sweden
Sepideh Pashami, CAISR, Halmstad University, Sweden
Marcus Bjäreland, Astra Zeneca, Sweden

Program of the Industry Days 2018
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July 18

Opening Remarks


Session 1

Frontiers of Data Driven AI

Hui Xiong, The Head of Business Intelligence Lab, Baidu Inc.

Building cyber threat analyst centaurs using AI and machine learning

Staffan Truvé, CTO & Co-founder, Recorded Future

How Artificial Intelligence shapes a smarter society in the Nordics

Christian Guttmann, Vice President and Global Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Tieto

From AI to Precision Medicine: Epileptic Seizure Prediction Using Big Data and Deep-Learning

Stefan Harrer, Manager Brain-Inspired Computing, IBM Research – Australia


AI in Healtcare Panel “How do we reach the utopian healthcare of the future?”

Moderator: Anita Sant’Anna, Halmstad University


Claus Bentsen, AstraZeneca

Mohammed El-Beltagy, RaceFox

Christian Guttmann, Tieto

Stefan Harrer, IBM


Lunch Break


Session 2

Voice Assistants:Next Generation of Human-Machine Interaction

Zaiqing Nie, Researcher and Senior Director, Alibaba AI Labs

Using conversational AI for better customer experience

Hui Wang, Senior scientist, Xiaoi

Augmented Reality: Real-Time 3D Localization and Video Object Segmentation

Wei Liu, Distinguished Scientist and Director, Tencent AI lab

Building a hybrid intelligent system for personalized digital sports coaching

Dr. Mohammed Adel El-Beltagy, CTO RaceFox

July 19

Opening Remarks


Session 1

AI-Powered Smart Retail at JD.com

Jinfeng Yi, Director of Machine Learning Lab, JD AI Research

Machine Learning and AI Research for Digital Marketing

Georgios Theocharous, Senior Research Scientist, Adobe

AI for Transportation

Yan Liu, Chief Scientist, DiDi AI Labs

Autonomous driving and industrializing of AI at scale

Nicholas Wickström, Product Owner Vision/Deep learning for Cruising and Highway Autonomous Driving, Zenuity


Autonomous Driving Panel “Will we be able to buy fully autonomous cars in 2030?”

Moderator: Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson, Halmstad University


Saimir Baci, Volvo

Marcello Cirillo, Scania

Nicholas Wickström, Zenuity


Lunch Break


Session 2

From Theory to Practice: Applying AI to Enterprise Applications

Anand S. Rao, Global Artificial Intelligence Lead, PwC

Diversity and Depth: Implementing AI across many long tail domains

Paul Groth, Disruptive Technology Director, Elsevier

Machine Intelligence at Ericsson

Elena Fersman, Research Director, Machine Intelligence and Automation, Ericsson

Adaptive Learning Powered by AI – From Model to Implementation

Joleen Liang, Partner of Songshu AI Learning

Richard Tong, the Chief Architect of Songshu AI and General Manager of Songshu AI Learning US Operations