IJCAI-ECAI list of distinguished papers

Ordered by paper id

Ke Wang, Xiaojun Wan
SentiGAN: Generating Sentimental Texts via Mixture Adversarial Networks

Vincenzo Auletta, Diodato Ferraioli, Gianluigi Greco
Reasoning about Consensus when Opinions Diffuse through Majority Dynamics

Xue Li, Bo Du, Chang Xu, Yipeng Zhang, Lefei Zhang, Dacheng Tao
R-SVM+: Robust Learning with Privileged Information

Cristina Feier, Carsten Lutz, Frank Wolter
From Conjunctive Queries to Instance Queries in Ontology-Mediated Querying

Chun Kai Ling, J. Zico Kolter, Fei Fang
What game are we playing? End-to-end learning in normal and extensive form games

Hao Zhou, Tom Young, Minlie Huang, Haizhou Zhao, Jingfang Xu, Xiaoyan Zhu
Commonsense Knowledge Aware Conversation Generation with Graph Attention

Giannis Nikolentzos, Michalis Vazirgiannis, Polykarpos Meladianos, Stratis Limnios
A Degeneracy Framework for Graph Similarity