Frequently Asked Questions regarding registration

Q: I have more than one accepted main conference paper. Do I need to pay registration fee for each one?
A: No. One registration fee covers all papers.

Q: I am a student with an accepted main conference paper. Do I have to pay full delegate registration fee for my paper to appear in the Proceedings?
A: No. Student registration fee also covers the paper.

Q: What is Women’s Lunch?
A: It is a networking event for female scientists participating at IJCAI-ECAI, not an accompanying person’s event.

Q: I cannot participate at the conference and I already paid my registration fee. Can I transfer my registration to a colleague who will attend?
A: No. Registration is not transferable. You have to cancel your registration before the late registration deadline and your colleagues must register themselves.

Q: How can I receive an invitation letter for a Swedish visa?
A: By registering. You will then be able to tick a box that will generate an invitation letter once the registration is completed.

Q: Can I have a letter of invitation for a Swedish visa before I register?
A: No. Visa letters are only issued to registrants who have already paid their fees.

Q: I need the Corporate Business License or Organization Code Certificate for my visa application. How do I get it?
A: It is available here:

Q: I am a journalist. How do I register for a press pass?
A: Please write an email to and provide your family name, first name and exact affiliation.

Q: I need to cancel my workshop only registration. Do I still have to pay U$ 100 fee?
A: Yes, U$ 100 processing fee applies to all cancellations.

Q: I registered for ICML or AAMAS and paid for Saturday-Sunday FAIM workshops. Do I need to pay for those workshops when registering for IJCAI?
A: No.

Q: I want to buy an extra IJCAI-ECAI opening reception and banquet ticket. Where can I do that?
A: As explained here: , we are not selling additional tickets at this time. If we have any leftovers, you can purchase those tickets onsite.

Q: My visa invitation letter was rejected. Why?
A: Most likely, you swapped your university address and your home address.

Q: When will my regular talk be?
A: Regular talks will be scheduled between July 16 and July 19. The schedule will be known around May 20. If you have hard constraints, please write to the program chair.